Monday, June 6, 2011

POP ART Pop Tarts!

For the National Queer Arts Festival, QUEER FOOD FOR LOVE decided to make Pop Art Pop Tarts. Taking inspiration from beloved gay artist Andy Warhol, we felt that while pop tarts were inherently fun, they could be made even more fun by substituting the regular sprinkles on top with real candy POP ROCKS, which none of us had tasted since childhood.

POP ROCKS are actually very exciting, we rediscovered, and you should go out to your local cheap liquor store and buy some immediately, because you don't normally buy them, and so they taste like childhood.

Fortunately, in the Mission, we have liquor stores on every corner, know what I mean? Sometimes inspiration means shopping in your own neighborhood and eating the crappy food that surrounds you without making a special trip to the worker-owned grocery co-operative across town. When we patronize our little bodegas for POP ROCKS and plantains and chilis and tortillas for QUEER FOOD FOR LOVE, we touch reality for most people in the neighborhoods where we live. Most Americans don't make pop tarts from scratch, and they certainly don't choose to eat food made by homos if they can help it. But here at QUEER FOOD, we do all sorts of things in the name of art.

Make some jam. Make some dough. Make them from great ingredients and not too sweet because you're an adult now and lost some of your sweet tooth. Then go ahead and put some candy crap you bought at the corner store all over it, just to prove you're not an uppity queer and too good for that. Eat your vegan pop tart and enjoy.

Life isn't about perfection, it's about trying your best and making the most of what you've got. In PopTartLandia, we find the essence of queer resilience: conceive, collaborate, improvise, enjoy, repeat.

conceive, collaborate, improvise, enjoy, repeat
conceive, collaborate, improvise, enjoy, repeat
conceive, collaborate, improvise, enjoy, repeat

1 comment:

Kate said...

Oh god I love this idea.

Its like you've reverse-engineered a pop-tart, but upped the awesome level.
I can't wait to try this.