Sunday, October 5, 2008


What is Queer Food For Love?
QUEER FOOD FOR LOVE is a collaboration of queer artists, activists and cooks who create food for community, not profit.

Who are you ?
We are a bunch of queers foodies who love cooking and eating and want to bring the community together around the pleasure of food.

Is this a potluck?
No! It's usually a sit-down, three course dinner at community tables. Occasionally we do smaller things to support art and non-profits in San Francisco. But mostly we are about the experience of cooking together during the day and sitting down for a restaurant-style meal at night, complete with servers and chefs, just like a restaurant.

What do you serve?
We serve organic, local, seasonal, artisanal cooking made from plant-based ingredients. The menu and the theme changes from event to event. We make everything by hand and from whole ingredients. We decorate tables and dinners with found and repurposed materials, to eliminate waste and turn trash into beauty.

Why are your dinners vegetarian/vegan?
Our dinners contain the bounty of the earth! We use whole vegetables, fruits, roots, grains, leaves, weeds, and spices, transformed into labor-intensive, handmade works of love. We share common values around serving cruelty-free food for larger numbers of people. We want people to encounter plant-based food that is artful, regional, artisanal, and made with love. We believe vegan food can be shared by a larger number of people of different beliefs and enjoyed equally by everyone (nothing is "missing"). And because yes, trust us, it is possible to make a beautiful and delicious vegan feast!

Vegan is not my thing...
Well, maybe it's time you trust us to help you expand your horizons!

How much does it cost?
We are all volunteers and share our labor and the sweat of our brow for community, not personal profit. By asking a modest $15 to $20 donation, we cover the cost of the food. Proceeds are invested in community farms and local businesses. Anything left over goes to our next event. We cook because we love you and think queers deserve more than eating burritos and beer.

That said, you can also come and work for your meal!

Is it BYOB?
Nope! Like a restaurant, we provide fine beverages, for a modest donation. This helps us keep the price of the dinners reasonable and recover our costs. Remember we are all volunteers and make no profit out of this. Whatever extra we have goes directly into the next event. This is a community event! We're not a greedy business!

How can I participate?
You can come as a diner or as a worker.
If you want to help cook, serve, decorate, entertain... email us!
If you are a musician, a DJ, a filmmaker, a visual artist: we'd love to hear from you!

Are you only food artists?
We are also musicians, visual artists, and our dinners are accompanied by entertainment like live and recorded music, slide shows, silent films by queer artists.

I work at a farm/food store/winery/flower store: how can I help?
We love donations! Contact us!

I'm an artist, I'm queer and I'd love to participate...
We love queer artists! Contact us!

Flyer design: Shauna Steinbach


pao pao said...
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pao pao said...

Hi there,
How can I learn of upcoming events? Are you planning another Valentine's Day dinner?
I would love to attend, I couldn't get tickets last year!

blshewan said...

Hi! Your post says Email us! Contact us! but I can't find an email address..
I am part of the CUAV planning committee for this year's Safetyfest coming up April 14-17. We are reaching out to other queers for food & drink opportunities and I am wondering if Queer Food For Love would be interested in collaborating to nourish our awesome community!
Please contact me at to discuss potential ideas more.
Thank you!

Sasha said...

hi there,
my name's sasha, and i'm collecting a bunch of articles to put into a big book on land-based movements, place-based ethics, and resistance to dispossession and capitalism. would you be interested in writing up an essay or article or whatever on what yall do?

Markevnic72 said...

I would love to hear more about your events. . . how can I add my name to your mailing list? Thanks!